does mulTi-bike insurance cover you for rule #12?

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The Velominati's #Rule12 states: "While the minimum number of bikes one should own is three, the correct number is n+1, where n is the number of bikes currently own."*

Image: Cycle to MAPIC 2015 (c) Club Peloton 2015

Image: Cycle to MAPIC 2015 (c) Club Peloton 2015

Owning multiple bikes is a cyclist's pleasure. You need the training bike, the winter bike, the one for sportives, and so on. But if you need to protect your beloved rides, obeying 'the rules' might be tough - we know that the cost of insuring multiple bikes can soon add-up.

If you need to insure multiple bikes - whether it's a carbon-framed elite ride and a winter training bike, or a road bike and an MTB - you will benefit by hunting around for a multi-bike insurance policy.

Here are four simple steps you can follow to find yourself a great deal.

The 4 Steps to a Great Multi-Bike Insurance Deal

  1. Do your research: spend the time looking and comparing the small print.

  2. Challenge the discounts: some companies will pull you in with a healthy discount for cover on multiple bikes, but does it up once you've taken into account the value of all of your machines?

  3. Understand the type of cover you really need: detail the benefits you want to see bolted on and ask your broker what's included. Different companies will always offer different benefits so do your comparisons thoroughly.

  4. Don't just go to the 'big boys': for example, whilst Pro-Cycle might be a relatively new brand, we've years of experience and there are numerous riders amongst us too (so we understand). We're confident our multi-bike cover will deliver everything you need.

We’ve Broken the Rules So You Don’t Have to

The Pro-Cycle Multi-Bike Insurance offer is better than a 60% discount on additional bikes. At Pro-Cycle we enable you to insure all of your bikes on one policy, and guarantee that you'll only ever pay for cover on the most expensive ride you own.

*'The Rules' are subject to copyright and have been used here with the kind permission of The Velominati. Check out all of The Rules

Competing in triathlon abroad?

Whether you are racing an Olympic distance event in Austria or simply training with a group in Mallorca, regular travel insurance is likely to be inadequate.