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Pro-Cycle insurance is designed by people who are passionate about cycling. We specialise in cover for amateur cyclists and triathletes. Uniquely, insure your most expensive cycle with us and cover ALL your other cycles AT NO EXTRA COST.

  • No minimum sum insured
  • Theft and accidental damage as standard
  • Personal liability
  • Accessory and replacement cycle cover
  • Personal accident

How we can help you save – A customer has a cycle with a replacement value of £3,000. Another has three cycles which together would cost £7,000 to replace. However, the most expensive cycle has a replacement value of £3,000. With Pro-Cycle, the annual premium for both these customers would be the same.


Theft and Accidental
Damage to your Cycle(s)
Included as standard

Replacement Cycle Hire
In the event of yours
being stolen or
damaged beyond use,
covered up to £1,000

Personal Liability
Included up to £2m

Clothing and
Replacement costs
up to £1,000

Accident Cover
Up to £10,000

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